Trump, Venezuela and common misconceptions around the President Juan Guaid贸馃嚮馃嚜


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At the moment that POTUS Donald Trump acknowledge Juan Guaid贸 as the legitimate Interim president of Venezuela, I was so glad but I have to see that thing with my own eyes so I went to theRealDonaldTrump twitter account to read that and yes it was truth, so I liked and retweet that thing and then I go to the replys to say thanks and What Do I see? A bunch of people talking about Coups? A Coup? I mean Bitch When did all that people became experts in Venezuelan laws? Wow some Americans Im can鈥檛 say all of them but wow mate these people and the media as well, I guess that is their main source of information I don鈥檛 know. The thing is that many of them doesn鈥檛 really have an argument , they didn鈥檛 quote any article of the Venezuelan constitution they were just shitting on Trump because they didn鈥檛 vote for him, because they hate him or whatever, what do I know Im just a Venezuelan dude maybe Trump make them starve to death or took away one of their 3 meals and make them loose so much weight, maybe Trump scattered with lethal fire pacific protests killing hundreds of Americans. That is the thing with the polarization you don鈥檛 like someone then everything he does is bad.


Here is the thing is not like those peoples are writing that stuff right to me, tagging me or whatever but here at Venezuela we are living something like the beginning of the end of a nightmare called Maduro and without any national TV (they are all practically controlled by the government) the only way of get information is trough social media and I have to click when I see something interesting and that is when I see those kind of comments , I guess I have to live with that it鈥檚 their problem if the want to mock or make fun on the suffering of the Venezuelan people, I mean we need all eyes without the support of all those governments we would be doomed, Guaid贸 would be death or in prison for life and our people condemned to live miserable lives or leave the country if they can afford that.

24 hours later after January 23 2019 the things gets worst, it officially became a MEME those idiots writing stuffs like 鈥– Im gonna declare myself president鈥 and 鈥 – Justin Bieber should declare himself president 鈥, and of course the leftist media quoting fake facts as 鈥渆vidence鈥 , listen there is no Coup going on in Venezuela, thank god Juan Guaid贸 acted according to our constitution and has the support of more than the 80% of the Venezuelan population but Maduro controls the army and the Electoral System. I know how politics works and how you have to try to use everything against your enemy, I don鈥檛 know if the democrats had helped Venezuelan people in this situation if they had been on the power , all I know is that Donald Trump is doing it and Im grateful for it.

Here is an Analogy made by the Journalist Davis Lunnow that explain very well what happens in Venezuela:

Imagine a world where US President Donald Trump stacked the Supreme Court and other institutions with political hacks. The midterms come, and Democrats win a resounding 2/3 majority in Congress. Stunned, Trump gets courts to declare Congress null and void, ignores its decisions.

Trump then creates another Congress, filled with his own supporters, to pass laws. When there are street protests against this, he sends out National Guard to crack down. More than 100 are killed by security forces. Thousands arbitrarily arrested.
Top democratic leaders are arrested or forced into exile. Some are tortured.

Trump then heads for re-election. But his administration bars any top Democrat from running. The Democrats boycott the election. Trump holds it anyway and wins! No credible observers are allowed. Even the guy who set up the electronic voting system says there鈥檚 fraud.

Trump is sworn in by his fake congress. The real Congress, meanwhile, says he鈥檚 an illegitimate president. And, according to law, they swear in the head of Congress as the legitimate president until new elections can be held. That interim president is recognized by many nations.

Now, is that a coup by the real Congress? Or has the coup already taken place by the president? In a nutshell, that鈥檚 what happened in Venezuela.

Source David Luhnow and of course as a Venezuelan I can corroborate it.

->This is another accurate time line of the facts since Maduro was elected president , made by a fellow Venezuelan. <-
About the people who said that Trump just want our Oil, I don鈥檛 know about that but we already have the Russians the Chinese (Russia and China pay for it I think) taking our Oil and we鈥檙e still fucked so who cares about oil we have plenty and Maduro give it away to Cuba in exchange for advices on how to be a successful dictator and also give it away to other countries in exchange of silence and votes on the UN and OEA. I don鈥檛 know why the worldwide left (the majority of it) have to support each other in that way , By supporting Maduro they are supporting Genocide, poverty, Hunger and so many other bad things, I mean , it would be easier to swallow if they just acknowledge the mistakes of that Dictatorial regime and just said 鈥淢y socialism system is not like the Chavista or Bolivarian Socialism, Communism鈥, is up to you if you want to stand on that side lined up with Maduro and his fabulous supporters Like Cuba, South Osetia , Russia, China, and the terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and so many others.

At last let me apologize if I called some of you idiots Im sorry and at the end of the day a dude like me put so much in risk with a post like this in all sides, I mean I work for people of the whole planet as a freelancer and I don鈥檛 care about their politic ideology, I love all my clients and patreons is just that I feel hurted when I read things like that because they are not truth It鈥檚 like if you were denying the pain of a whole country, and specially coming from the Americans I mean I have listened and been influenced by your culture and music from my guitar style to my Harmonica.

I know that my English still being terrible and I repeat the same fillers over and over again and that makes me look like an idiot I know.


Planialtimetric map drawing on fiverr


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Go to the Fiverr Gig

Here I am after the epic failure of my Christmas gig promoting not a new gig or exposing another bad Idea that I had a while time ago. Lets just jump into it:

I will make a Level curves map or聽 Altimetric Situation plan with the data of your device. The required data:

  • Coordinates X Y (North-east coordinates, latitud and longitude)
  • the height of each point (Z)

No matter what device you use, those are the requirements to make it. Preferably in excel format if your device allows you to do it.

The file format of the delivered plan will be .dxf .dwg or .top

Whatever I’ve reached a point where I have to put all my skills to work for me and make some money and fiverr only allows 7 gigs for user so I have to start erasing some gigs with no orders and this is one of those gigs that Im not so sure about them, and I have to stick to the numbers= 0 orders, 0 questions a few impressions and clics.

I was asking some engineers on reddit (the freaking quora takes a lifetime to get answers unless you ask about video games or other shit) whatever I ask them if this was a commercial skill for a freelancer because I think everyone who makes their topographic survey also Knows how to process, plot or draft the maps or altimetric plans. So why would they leave that task in the hands of a stranger I don’t know. What do you think? or maybe fiverr is not the place for that I don’t know.

My english is not the best but remember that I was formed as an engineer in my native language and I try to translate some technical terms and still at this era It’s quite hard to find tha accurate translation so I hope you can understand. However I keep working on my english so let me know what do you think about this topic or leave some corrections on the comments below.


Gavilander performs Chistmas songs for $5 (with or without the mask)


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Ladies and gentlemen this Christmas you can give your loved ones a personalized greeting followed by the Christmas song of your choice played by the same Gavilander with his Harmonica or guitar, not both but if you pay enough you can even arrange a sung version if you wish . There are only a few days left but I am ready to act and quickly edit that video for you in the best way possible is funny but it is very likely that the final result will be better than what you see in that video which I made in a very hasty way and maybe ended up playing against it. –go to my fiverr gig->

There is No trick it’s $ 5 for an instrumental video interpretation of your favorite Christmas song plus the personalized greeting you ask before starting my performance.

As for the mask I can use it or not depending on what you prefer, I know what you are going to say (- please wear the mask bro). Actually I use it to diminish the collateral damage that could cause me since I am developing a considerable marketing campaign because in f矛verr I am only an Engineer for my clients and my artistic side is quite reduced, in short Im talking about the collateral damage in my professional and personal life beyond fiverr.

Without further ado here it’s the gig description:

I will make a video with your Custom Christmas Greeting, performing the Christmas song of your choice with my Harmonica or my guitar.

  • A few words at the beginning expressing the Christmas greeting that you want me to say. (or not the price it’s the same anyway)
  • You have to choose one Instrument: Harmonica or Guitar, It can’t be both because I don’t have a holder for my harmonica.
  • My performance it’s completely free I may change the key of the song to fit the key or range of my Harmonica.
  • The length of the video won’t be longer than 60 seconds, this is more like a Human Christmas card and not a full song performance.
  • I can show my face if you want to, it’s the same of my profile but without photoshop #LOL (or not the price it’s the same anyway).

As always you can Contact me if you have any Doubt… Happy Holidays

I would have no problem joining the so-called “jesters of fiverr” like the “funny guys”, “fiverr Jesus” and maybe Voiceover Pete but not really Pete is an announcer and that’s a real talent, in fact he’s the most talented of that “Category” even more than Big Man Tirone (I said more talented no more funny). I would have no complains if I’ld get to generate the same profits as they doing something that I love doing like music, the problem lies in the chances of failure in a saturated market of people who surely do not need it as much as I do, a buffoon with props or a musician?.

The need of a Venezuelan who still lives in Venezuela where I live as you may have heard on the news or worse, things are not for those who need them most are for those who want it most, All I know is that I can not stay arms crossed while my account is at zero inside all this immense nightmare.

Wow it gets real dark at the end sorry about that, there is 4 days left but I already feel the like the gig has failed.

Go to my fiverr gig

Hot vs. Cute: The HC Balance


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Drawings, illustrations, caricatures those things that I hang on my instagram and that I know I’m not the best at doing them, I guess it’s like I always say with my music “- It’s not what I do for music, it’s what music does for My guess is that it happens the same way with my drawings especially when I draw Girls, and if I already know what many should be thinking, that’s why I only try to draw celebrities or famous people in general, although recently I broke that rule, one single Once drawing an unknown is not wrong.

The HC Balance:

This is a post a bit identified with the shape and superficial聽 in part, let’s talk about the balance HC or as you all can seen in the figure is a quantitative representation and in percentages of the Hot (sexy, sexually attractive) or the Cute (cute, adorable but like when you see a puppy of your favorite animal), the cute almost always comes from the face but can come from a set of traits, qualities or attitudes, of course the readings of that balance are subjective, Someone that I consider closer to the other Cute side can see more towards the Hot and so on. Well when I take the time to draw a girl it is because I think that her HC balance leans more to the cute side, that is, it is quite an experience to sit down to contemplate those images or to hold them mentally from my memories, I feel that rejoicing very similar to that peace that lays in the present (mindfulness), to draw them is like an “excuse” to stop to contemplate them, that’s why the trip is more than the destiny; I do not understand how I feel something so sublime from something so superficial, surely there is the name of a disease, disorder or pathology for that type of behavior.

I made these sort of definitions of concepts that you already know in Europe and USA but in South America at least my generation I don鈥檛 know how to explain it but we don鈥檛 have a word for Cute I mean some people use the word 鈥淟inda鈥 in spanish which is the closest equivalent or translation but some people just think that 鈥渓inda鈥 is somehow beneath Gorgeous and beautiful all in one scale

In my instagram you can see the failed attempts less distant from the starting point because although it is true that what I do are caricatures, there is a limit to everything especially in that network where talented people expose their work. As for the celebrities that I have tried to draw, I don’t feel very sure mentioning them, I would not like people judging as “- Do You really think that this thing looks like Cara Delevingne?” And comments of that style, but I have improved with time, Maybe the next I dare to mention them, although there was a girl who reacted to a caricature I made of her, Camille is a blogger basically she said that she liked the drawing, but she did not follow me back 馃槶

Real life girls:

I used to call non-celebrity mortals, and the truth it seems quite stupid I do not know why do I wrote it, from time to time I find in my environment a girl that I would like to draw, I do not know if I explained it well but there are attractive girls or women in different places but finding one with the indicated HC balance is not seen every day, in order, it is difficult to ask for authorization if you do not know it previously because if you open a first verbal contact expressing your need or your intention to draw it asking permission you will find some resistance already Who thinks that you are doing the court and maybe it could work once but then to the second time you are the one of the “pick up line” of the cartoonist . The thing is that in my university I didn鈥檛 want to make bigger the trail of eccentric acts that I already had being an autistic who stayed too long in that place, I already had a rule of not even trying to draw girls from there.

I Broke my own rule:

Maybe if you could see her in person you would understand why I broke it (my rule) the thing is that I was about to finish subjects (or however you call it when you finish all your classes) and I was very exposed to this girl, my last semester was a 3 subjects one all in a day and in 2 of them I have to see her. What could I say about her, I like the color of her eyes to super simplify her, her hair聽 her choices in clothes, from those vans she uses and her general style from head to toe, you do not know if she is following a new trend or is creating it.

The only time we crossed word was because she had to play Chess against me in a kind of tournament that the teacher improvised and I did not expect it,聽 while looking at her pieces on the board and my eyes stared by accident on her blouse for few seconds 聽(- not adjusted, no cleavage, no transparency, I was lost more in the colors of his clothes), I 聽was lost for a moment I do not know how many seconds they were, I reacted when I saw her covering her chest trying to close her sweater as if I were looking at her breasts, but damn it if they are minimal!, damn it, my reaction was to take my hand to my eyes 馃槼, my plan before that error was, not look her in the eye and win the game that in case you are asked I won it When I look into her eyes it was like when you look at an incandescent light and then you close your eyes you only see a glow of color in the dark or an effect more like radiation. The thing is that with all that added to my rule that I didn鈥檛 want to break, the conditions were not there to speak to her, maybe I had to cut with sticks and chips聽 For goods and all and talk to her 聽but it would have been more awkward聽 and she wouldn鈥檛 have believed me, I guess that drawing her is as a claim more to myself as saying “-you are fucking cute girl” I do not expect anything just wanted to say it “-you are fucking cute girl, sorry if I bothered you with my voluntary and involuntary visual contacts” but do not worry I will not tag her, I do not follow her in any social networks, in the end they are only superficial things that surely she has to listen to frequently.

Finally all women forgive me if you found the “Balance HC”a little offensive but I don鈥檛 think I invented it, I suppose I heard it somewhere and I don鈥檛 remember the source, the thing is that they are two forms of attraction, the factor Hot tends to perish faster in time or in our perceptions and the Cute factor can be eternal if you want or maybe not so much but if it prevails more in time and perceptions than its counterpart.

I could make a huge list of excuses trying to explain why I never talked to her before of after but that would be something like “- bla bla bla聽 Im a pussy”. At the beginning I wasn’t so interested on her it was like an infectious virus or something, but Anyway what do you think Was I a pussy or not? Let me know in the comments below.

This is the drawing that broke my own rule


Who the hell is gavilander?


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Gavilander as a word comes from the mix of two nicknames –> gavilan + vander = gavilander, two towns one nick name per town so I wanted to mix or blend both in one word, I think that it sounds good, a bit longer I must say (11 letters) but it doesn鈥檛 feel like an 11 letters word at least not pronouncing it in Spanish, I wonder how would it sound in English or how would they pronounce it, they don鈥檛 call by that name (gavilander), they call me Vander, Van, Gavs or by my real name I don鈥檛 care and Im missing the point here.

Initially Gavilander it supposed to be the name of a band, I know its quite egocentric to call a rock band with the Nickname of one member but let face it is an awesome name, but I never get to the point where I or we were ready as band itself , However the band thing didn鈥檛 happen but I keep doing music on my own so I keep the name for myself as a musician an then for my others activities as freelancer.

The bird that you see in my logo is hack or a sparrow hack in Spanish 鈥済avilan鈥 that鈥檚 why you see it on the logo and in this case you see the UK flag on it but that just because Im starting to write in English I got another blog on blogger but this is better ranked on google I guess that google doesn鈥檛 want to benefit blogger because they own it and they don鈥檛 place it on the top of the search results, I can鈥檛 find another reason I mean it has less content, less text but is better ranked than my other blog.

I think about 聽just take the content of my other blog in Spanish and paste it in this one but then I have a terrible idea to make this blog in English to work out, train or increase my English level or my skills with this language, as you can see I have a lot of work to do, but I need to specially now that Im trying to start as a freelancer on fiverr and Im communicating with my clients in English. About the Blog sometimes is going to be translation of the post of my Spanish blog but the most of the time I want to bring exclusive content to my English audience.

About me as a person and the content of my future posts I’ll be following the line of the description of the blog itself 鈥Young adult on the precipice of defeat, trying to survive in country which is going through an humanitarian crisis (Venezuela), dealing with anxiety, and some other ASD in the process鈥 I鈥檒l try to talk about the things that I like, my struggle while Im trying to survive in Venezuela or get away from there, a little bit of 聽self promotion (music, fiverr gigs, probably patreon) but just a little, and as the majority of blogs the things that I don鈥檛 like that much.

To get in in the context 聽of聽 the Venezuelan Crisis you can watch this awesome video from John Oliver.

And that鈥檚 it from me with my first blog post in English disastrous as I expected.

Camara digital con bateria de Telefono Celular


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– C谩mara Digital (que opere con bater铆as o pilas AA)
– Bater铆a de 3.7 V (De 1 tel茅fono聽Celular viejo y en desuso)
– Cargador de 3.7 V聽
– Cables (puedes cortar de algun cargador que ya no utilices no hay porque gastar dinero)
– Conectores para los cables (Opcional igual funciona con empalmes)
– Caut铆n y esta帽o
– Amor (porque nada funciona s铆n amor)


Comenzamos con la bater铆a del celu viejo yo utilizo una de un motorola grueso de esos CDMA de 3.7 V , Toma la Bater铆a y 2 cablecitos que vas a cortar como de 5 a 7 cm los vas a soldar con esta帽o a los polos positivo y negativo respectivamente. Esta bateria con la extensi贸n adecuada te puede servir de “bloque de poder (power block)” para tu tel茅fono actual cuando no halla un聽toma-corriente cerca o se vaya la electricidad en tu casa u oficina. Puedes colocar conectores los machos en los extremos de los cables que soldaste a la bater铆a y los hembras en los extremos que vas a soldar en los receptores de la c谩mara.

La C谩mara:

Esto es m谩s complicado, tienes que abrir tu camara y localizar las placas que reciben a las Pilas AA, y las placas no los contactos de la tapa ni los resortes pues esos resortes o laminas hacen de intermediario y contactan con la placas al cerrar la tapa con las pilas AA y al no haber estas no habr谩聽presi贸n ni contacto por lo que debes ir debajo de estas laminitas que hacen de resortes y soldar all铆 tus cables en los contactos positivo y negativo respectivamente. Si vas a utilizar conectores colocar los conectores hembra en los extremos que salen a la superficie los cuales vas a conectar a tu bater铆a聽en secuencia inversa el Negativo con el positivo y el positivo con el negativo (o as铆 funciona con mi c谩mara).
Para cargar la Bater铆a聽que has habilitado solo usa un cargador y empalma (o usa conectores) a los extremos de la la Bater铆a para recargar durante 2 hrs, recuerda no excederse pues en este sistema de carga no hay indicador de llenado y si te pasas fundes la bater铆a o reduces su vida 煤til.聽
Como ven la m铆a funciona con empalmes pues vivo en Venezuela 2017 y de vaina consigues comida, todo esto lo hice con cosas que tenia en mi casa, la c谩mara聽estaba en desuso pues no compraba bater铆as AA por los motivos antes mencionados adem谩s de que contaminan y se gasta r谩pidamente聽y las recargables de este tipo son muy costosas al menos para mi, que a pesar de mis habilidades diversas sigo desempleado. Ah claro y no estamos renunciando a las pilas AA pues es un sistema dual las pilas van a quedar algo apretadas pero funcionar谩 seguro.

En cuanto al Power Brick/Block

Con la misma bater铆a le agregas una extensi贸n que tenga el plug seg煤n tu tipo de tel茅fono, de un cable viejo o no se si en tu pa铆s tal vez la encuentres en una tienda de electr贸nica, le adhieres a trav茅s聽de conectores esa extensi贸n a los cables de tu bater铆a聽o bien empalmando pero eso tiene sus inconvenientes adem谩s de que si lo haces con cables de distinto espesor probablemente no funcione. Por ultimo recuerda que si vas a usar un cable USB viejo de los que tienen 4 cablecitos adentro solo debes usar los 2 de energ铆a el positivo y negativo y Obviar los 2 de datos, los podras identificar por su color, google te lo dice yo no lo recuerdo. 聽聽 聽 聽

Detesto las fotos frente a un espejo pero es el 煤nico modo de probar que una c谩mara funciona.