Gavilander as a word comes from the mix of two nicknames –> gavilan + vander = gavilander, two towns one nick name per town so I wanted to mix or blend both in one word, I think that it sounds good, a bit longer I must say (11 letters) but it doesn’t feel like an 11 letters word at least not pronouncing it in Spanish, I wonder how would it sound in English or how would they pronounce it, they don’t call by that name (gavilander), they call me Vander, Van, Gavs or by my real name I don’t care and Im missing the point here.

Initially Gavilander it supposed to be the name of a band, I know its quite egocentric to call a rock band with the Nickname of one member but let face it is an awesome name, but I never get to the point where I or we were ready as band itself , However the band thing didn’t happen but I keep doing music on my own so I keep the name for myself as a musician an then for my others activities as freelancer.

The bird that you see in my logo is hack or a sparrow hack in Spanish “gavilan” that’s why you see it on the logo and in this case you see the UK flag on it but that just because Im starting to write in English I got another blog on blogger gavilander.blogspot.com but this is better ranked on google I guess that google doesn’t want to benefit blogger because they own it and they don’t place it on the top of the search results, I can’t find another reason I mean it has less content, less text but is better ranked than my other blog.

I think about  just take the content of my other blog in Spanish and paste it in this one but then I have a terrible idea to make this blog in English to work out, train or increase my English level or my skills with this language, as you can see I have a lot of work to do, but I need to specially now that Im trying to start as a freelancer on fiverr and Im communicating with my clients in English. About the Blog sometimes is going to be translation of the post of my Spanish blog but the most of the time I want to bring exclusive content to my English audience.

About me as a person and the content of my future posts I’ll be following the line of the description of the blog itself “Young adult on the precipice of defeat, trying to survive in country which is going through an humanitarian crisis (Venezuela), dealing with anxiety, and some other ASD in the process” I’ll try to talk about the things that I like, my struggle while Im trying to survive in Venezuela or get away from there, a little bit of  self promotion (music, fiverr gigs, probably patreon) but just a little, and as the majority of blogs the things that I don’t like that much.

To get in in the context  of  the Venezuelan Crisis you can watch this awesome video from John Oliver.

And that’s it from me with my first blog post in English disastrous as I expected.


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